Router Hacking: Some Signs of a Hacked Router

Please know that router hacking is one of the most Today, router hacking has increased because most people do not take their router’s security seriously. This is one of the major reasons that hackers are interested in launching router attacks.

Moreover, most people are not even aware of the signs that detect that your router has been hacked. Therefore, it is crucial to stay informed so you can protect your devices and avoid falling victim to the prevailing cybercrimes.

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So, are you wondering how to tell if someone has hacked your router? Then you are at the right place! This article has compiled some common signs of a hacker router that you can spot and take necessary measures. Let’s get started!

Router Hacking: What is it?

Router hacking is when a cybercriminal takes control of your router and steals your data.

Please know that a hacker can use various methods to break into your router, such as exploiting the software vulnerability, or cracking your password. And once they have access to your router, they can change your router settings, steal your data, or install malware on your router.

Unfortunately, router hacking can have serious consequences for your internet privacy. To prevent router hacking, you should follow some basic steps, such as:

  • You should create a new and strong password for your router’s admin account, and change it regularly.
  • Please update your router’s firmware to the latest version, and frequently check for security patches.
  • You should disable remote access on your router, as it can be exploited by hackers.
  • Please consider monitoring your network activity and look for any suspicious devices or connections.
  • You can use a VPN to encrypt your internet traffic to avoid router hacking.

Seven Signs of a Hacked Router

Some of the obvious signs of router hacking are listed below.

Monitor Your Network Activity

You should frequently monitor your internet activities to analyze whether your network is being used by freeloaders. This will also help you understand whether a hacker is using your network connection or not. So, do check your network activity to spot the unusual IP addresses.

Avoid Pop-up Advertisements

If your router has been hacked, then you must be receiving notifications that offer giveaways or discounts. Therefore, you shouldn’t click on it because such notifications are fake, and malware gets downloaded into your system once you click on it. Also, before you get excited to click on it, you should always know that such pop-ups do not appear on the desktop of your screen. So, refrain from clicking and run an antivirus scan immediately.

You are Redirected to Unknown Websites

If you notice that you are redirected to some unknown website this is one of the major signs of a hacked router. This happens when you the hacker manage to hack your network change your settings and change its domain.

This is the major reason that your web traffic gets redirected to malicious pages. Therefore, if the issue persists then you need to be careful.

Fake Antivirus Notifications

This is another obvious sign of a hacked router that you need to be careful of! So, next time you receive a notification that talks about a virus being installed in your system then, do not click it. The mere reason is that hackers create alarming notifications that urge people to click on them. But once you click it virus gets installed in your system, and it will get compromised easily.

Poor Internet Speeds

If you feel that your internet is sluggish, then you should immediately check your router’s panel and even your speed tier. Consider checking the firmware of your router or inquire whether the ISP is throttling your internet connection.

But if you still feel that your internet speed is not up to the mark, then please know that there are great chances that the router is hacked.

You Sessions are Hijacked

Please know if your router has been hacked the hacker has complete control over your system and can steal all your data. They can easily log in or use your accounts. This is known as session hijacking in which you lose access to your own accounts and devices. Therefore, if you notice unusual activities then please take immediate security actions.

You Get Ransomware Messages

This is one of the major signs of a hacked router in which the hacker tries to encrypt your files and doesn’t release them unless you pay the demanded ransom. Thus, if the hacker has hacked your router he can easily access all the devices and steal your data. So, once you get the message please report it to the FBI before you pay any ransom.

To Conclude

It is safe to say that router hacking has become quite common because every other American household has routers. This is the major reason that hackers have developed ways to hack your router. Thus, you should stay vigilant and look for the obvious signs of a hacked router that are listed above. Good luck!

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