What are the lost sensitivity erectile dysfunction?

Lost sensitivity erectile dysfunction is one of the issues that may occur with some of the person. It makes you feel that the penis has become numb and includes feeling of touch or stimulation. Symptoms of numbness can vary with person to person. It seems to be similar to an arm or leg that may fall asleep. The symptoms of numbness can vary from person to person. For someone it may feel similar to an arm or also leg feeling asleep. Other symptoms that may accompany numbness which also depends with some of the cause. The symptoms may include:

Loss of sensation within testicles, perineum or also skin around the penis.

Needle like sensation that may lead to tingling or burning.

Coldness within testicles or penis

Blue or purple skin

What may cause a numb penis?

Any number of issues may lead to loss of sensation and some of the activities that include various lifestyle factors that may increase the risk.


An injury with or around the penis

Usually, sensitivity returns on time if it does not then a few medications that are part of erectile dysfunction may help. Some of the medicines are Cenforce 150.

The following activity may lead to injury to the penis and make them feel numb.

Riding a bicycle for a long:

The bumps and friction of the road can injure the testicles, perineum, and also penis. Cycling also puts pressure on the groin and restricts nerves or blood vessels which may lead to penile numbness.


Soaps and other hygiene products are more likely to irritate the sensitive skin on and around the penis. Using gentle, hypoallergic soaps helps at times.

Sitting for too long:

sitting on uncomfortable or unpadded chairs for long periods puts enough pressure on the penis or perineum that results in an injury. The perineum should not support the weight of the body.

Friction from tight clothes:

Tight or rough underwear irritates the penis. It may lead to cause an itchy or tingling sensation. This kind of clothing can cause redness that is esp around the tip of the penis.

Sex or masturbation-related injury:

During sexual activity, the erect penis is not flexible. Its rigidity can put the penis at risk for fracture or bruising. It can cause pain, irritation, change in color, or numbness.

Low testosterone:

Testosterone is an important hormone with multiple effects. It includes a role in regulating muscle mass and sex drive. After puberty, testosterone levels gradually decline and many older adults have lower levels. Low testosterone also affects young people. A person would still feel if the penis or scrotum may get pinched.

Nerve problems:

Problems with the nerves in the area may cause numbness in the testicles, pain, and perineum. Many other health issues may affect the nerves and result in numbness. An individual may also experience the numbness in lower body and groin area. Some of these issues may also be resolved with medicine as Cenforce 100 tablets.

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